Writer's Block: Collector's piece

Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

I like collecting souvenir pennies!!! You the ones you find in hidden places for tourists to take home as a memento, the one where you put 2 quarters + 1 penny and you crank the handle for the penny to mold into a certain image on it...

Like these ( These are actually mine!!)


Ive gotten all these pennies on my trips. Main ones came from NYC: Aquariums, Zoo's, Museums, Six Flags. The comes from other states or cities like: Houston, Texas, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Maryland, San Francisco, Muir Woods & even Japan. The ones from Japan are my favorite, I got 2 of them from the Pokemon store. I hope to acquire more and to my luck i found a website that lists every penny machine around the world!! If i had known I would have gotten more from Japan, like hello kitty ones DX. Other than that my 2nd book is almost full may need a new one. My pennies make me smile :)

A joyous day :D

New set of nails done for my bday hoorah!!

Each nail was done in different color with a matching rhinestone, except for my thumb you cant see it cuz its on the other end so the cam no catch it correctly. The nails are also glittery but you can see that when you are up close only, still i love them and i hope they make it to Sakura Matsuri

I also got my Happy Garden in the mail recently and was sooo excited that i opened it up at work ^o^ I also got the headband but its nto picture. Im waitig on my lavender tea party shoes to arrive along with my lavender wrist cuffs :D

The very last pic above is my bday present from Moi <3 he got me this Putumayu dress. So pretty. Im so excited with my bday coming up and that my boyrfriend just passed so we went to Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms, I wore my new Lady Rose Jsk from IW. I also wore my BTSSB cutsew dress which worked well with the nice hot weather.

Next trip shall hopefully be to niagra falls for now im looking forward to Spring/Summer. I hope the weather will be pleasant :D

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Happy Garden

Just to be blunt:: 


I is in love with new Angelic Pretty Print "Happy Garden" it is mainly Easter themed, but it has chicks and bunnies and its oh so cute <3. Reservations haven't come out yet but im very excited and I love the OP version, it has such a cute bodice and having seen it at TFF it looks soooo sparkly. My bday has fallen on Easter 2x and naturally I'd want it cuz I love Easter. Im looking into the Lavnder or sachs colorway and i hope i get it before my birthday. Moi said he'd help me get it as a birthday present which i hope I get it on time. Trying to look for a shopping service to do me reservations in Japan if they dont get sold on the English site which I hope they do. This is the amazing print

Tis not beautiful? I was also able to get my hands on the new AMO x AP bag in lavender >w<

Would it not go splendid with the Happy Garden OP in lavender ^o^
I really do hope i get it, would be nice, then all ill need will be some cute lavender shoes to match. So anxious for its release. Out of all the brands im really taken by AP. This bag was kind of bought out of a whim knowing that it would be a popular item and would have been sold out too fast. Moi found out i bought it when he took a look at the pics in my cam by accident ....oop's! lol He would've eventually found out but it was trying to keep it a secret for a while lol. Oh well ^_^"

Also the 2nd Snow storm just passed NYC but apparently according to news, there might be a third @_@ I love snow but its too mcuh when we are supposed to be close to spring time >o<. Pic preview of snow in central park.

Tis me and moi <3

I also got my nails done at Sakura Nail Spa (downtown location) and did the traditional Japanese Nail art. Consisted of: Calgel+Rhinestones+Zebra Print+ Glitter Gradation+ 4nail Extension+Reverse French= $130...ouch! But they do last me a bit over a month and they are soo darn cute plus the Calgel does promote Nail strength+growth

Sooo pretty, cant wait to do the next ones for my Bday :]

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Recent Events

So recently there were to events I went to. The first one being the Tokyo Fashion Festa which was free (YAY!) pics and the WHOLE show available here

The other event was the next day, Meet & Greet Misako Aoki. She was sooooooo adorable. Pics and video available here
I forgot to load what her autograph looked like

This post is not yet finished, have to run to the Dr.Appt in 20mins >o< will return to edit.

I have returned! Just got my 2nd shot for the rabbies...any curious to how it looks....like this

I asked my doctor if I can snap a pic before he gave it to me, It is such a very nice bright magenta color, oh so pretty! I even had to ask him if he can give me a smaller gauge needle >o<, my arm feels heavy now. One last shot in 2 weeks and im rabbies immune, so come and get me you rabid raccoons, cats, dogs, etc bwahahaha!

No! I was not bitten, this is the pre-exposure shots im getting for the vet program. Post exposure is more shots and apparently could be more painful. Im ok but these shots better be worth the price >_<

I also got my scrubs in the mail yay! Hooray for Tokidoki scrubs and while i was it why not get a NEW tokidoki bag ^o^

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Moi <3

Me and Moi(Nickname) have been practically together for 7yrs <3
And Apparently after this long, just yesterday he heard me snort when i laugh >.> to my knowledge this has been only the 2nd time i snort in my life. Apparently i snort if i have an uncontrollable laughter and I cant catch my breath! It just happens, I snort and I stop laughing. LOL. He gave me the weirdest face ever like wtf just happened! LOL. It was weird and unpredictable.

With V-Day coming up I dont know what to get him. 7yrs is not long but jesuz christ what else to get him. Ive given him handmade cards, a wii, an xbox, a gamecube, psp, any tech/game/electronics ive given him; turtlebeach headphones, wireless controls, G1 phone which I know have, Ipod, flight tix to Japan with me, flowers, candy, hanky panky, clothes, sneakers, dinners, movies, etc etc.

I need new options >.> what the hell does he need that he doesnt have >.< Screw valentines its not a big deal but then out anniversary is coming up followed by his bday and then mines. I might have to make him something if not this calls for a trip maybe even a new tattoo or more game accessories.

Dont mention games, hes a hacker and computer geek, he can download all the games he wants. He's hacked my psp, my wii, my nintendo dsi and his xbox (got banned though LMAO) so he bought a new one just to play COD Live and he plays downloaded games on the other Xbox. Movies now are nto even an option, he can download a full good as hell version online with a full movie menu. I needs idea, maybe something crafty, might have through look through some communities here, I found one last time about home made crafts, very interesting actually, i just have to find it again! This weather isnt helping too, if it were nice outside we could go out to other places but we dont want to get sick at the same time,

Must think!
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Writer's Block: Unfriended, Unspecified!

Has anyone ever unfriended you without explanation? Did you ask why? Have you ever deleted someone from your friend list without saying why?

1. This girl in like junior high was weird in her own way but we befriended. She naturally had many many problems at home, diff b'fs, orphanages, etc etc. Wells it was getting bad to the point that one bf was beating her up and she would come to my house and sleep over when she was rather lonesome. She was great company but one day she ended up ditching me for her bf who is a total jerk. I dont mind her ditchingme, but dont ditch me for someone who beats you up so bad you end up in the ER. I would always tel her what i though and how she should act, what she should do but apparently i was a bad friend, not giving him a chance, etc etc. He would make her cry in front of me what and how should i think of him??!! Well its been about 5-6yrs since we actually had spoken to each other and know last yr she added me on facebook. I accepted her request just to accept though i dont talk to her. She says she misses me, wants to hang out, etc etc. But i dont have time for stupidities and unappreciated dates, i do hope she is doing well though.

2. High school in science class i sat next to this guy. He would mainly cheat offa mecuz i was the smarter one, but it would be back and forth if i needed help too. He was cool and a good friend that i would back him up and stand up for him. I got into an argument with a teach about his test scores so forth but when we had a final one day ,itold him he is on hiw own for this one because i wanted to see him atleast try. I handed in my quiz and he just glared at me. Quiz was done, never spoke to me, never sat next to me, never bothered to say hi any more, That was it *sighn* too bad for him, im not gonna waste my breath ona friend like that.

3. Senior year my BFF's were this girl and guy. 90% of our classes were together. But one day the guy just completely stopped talking to us, ignored us, talked behind our backs and we were at lose. We confronted him and he owuld just look the other cheek. Graduation came and he came to me if he can sign my yearbook. "Why? Youre no long my friend the way ive acted!" apparently it was a "misunderstanding" that my girl friend confessd to him that she liked him and it was "too much: for him so he ignored us. Ok. Why ignore me? I didnt do nothing wrong?! Well we settled it and we're ok andhe also apologized to my girl friend and all. Though i did let him know he was a jerk.

In school im not very social. Do my work, get stuff done, I dont get involved unless I have to; group projects, etc. I hate having to share, you know when you have class and you bring you textbook but the person next to you didnt?! OMG it pisses me off if they inch over next to me and kinda pull my textbook to themselves!!! I hate sharing!!! Ill only make a friend if i find them worthy if not then they are just classmates to me. I've know many ppl and OMG some of them can be annoying, like one guy who would call me at 12am just cuz, im not single, i have a life, i work and got school and ive told him not to call me so late, if its important fine but if its just yiberish email me or something. Its annoying if ppl call me without reason. Its annoying having a "friend" who only asks, asks, aks for favors, stuff, and freebies. No you are not my friend friend rea
lly. Ive deleted ppl of my list of friend and i dont need to tell them why. I do it b/c i either dont talk to you no more, dont remember you or well just no reason.

Ive only got 2 best friends, Alex & Tia and also the BF.  Other people are there to but they dont know 100% me, not even 20% me. My perks, my problems, my issues/dilemas, etc.

You'll eventually earn my friendship if i let myself open up to you. Im pretty random and talk A LOT when you get to know me :] "Friends" will come and go.



With so much excitements yesterday during class break i was anxious, nervous and uber excited to get my letter to find out whether i go in or not into the Vet Program in school....

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Vet Technology program clinical phase...yatta yatta yatta..

I literally ran to class skipping with a big grin in my face when i got my yellow letter. Yellow was good, Green was waiting list, Pink was not accepted due to missing classes, etc. I was soooooo stocked because honestly I was getting so much pressure to do nursing that i just dropped it and switched majors.

But now i think for the spring semester coming up I might just be soo overwhelmed. Gonna have class all day Mon 9am to
8pm!!!!WTF!! Along with going in Tue,Wed &Thurs from either 2-6pm and 6-8pm oi! I can feel my eye bags settling in already! Im thinking of taking Jap on sat from 10am-2pm just so i can try to be a full time student to get fafsa cuz i apparently make sufficient enough from work so i pay out of pocket if im not full time ;__; its too much paying over $1,000+ and apparently now that im in the clinical phase i begin my internship in the summer from June to Aug. Goodbye my sweet trip to Mexico Vacation *goes to corner to cry* I really dont mind missing the vacation Ill take it another time but I mean if i go to school part time i must work full time in order to pay my tuition, but then i got rent, bills ie:cell, groceries, MONTHLY metro card, credit card, my new cat so 2 cats in total (do you know how much they eat!!! ) etc etc... It is hard and i really dont feel like getting a second job because i already put in 70-80hrs every 2 weeks and i do get payed well and ill live with some extra to spare but not a lot i might have to start saving money in my savings account just so i can pay for the spring semester ;__; and there was soo much i wanted to buy though i could use my credit card but i do know how to control myself with money, if im broke i cook at home and take my lunch to work and stuff you know, sometimes i might even have to take my bike to work just so i wont buy a metro card and save my self, what $89, stupid mta hike! Little things do come in handy, no more loli stuff, no more eating out as much, sighn. Thank god my dad's family own a Meat Market/Deli so i get most stuff free so i can take home to cook and since ive worked there for more than 5yrs i know the meat is always fresh delivered everyday excepts weekends and i know how to pick and choose stuff. My dad's gonna have to lay off from asking me to help him with his car payments and stuff.

Eventually i know it will be worth it if i get this Vet thing done though to be honest i might stay at my own job because i get payed well and this is just to please my mom about getting a diploma because in my job i have a certificate and license for other related medical stuff i do. Ill see how the vet thing goes but im doing it for my own pleasure because yeah i do want to be there just in case for my own pets plus my uncle who has this huge farm of horses, bus indicus, goats, sheep, etc in Mexico he said hed be willing to send me atleast every summer to look after them, check them out etc etc with supplies included and that would be sooooo great.

I am excited and my one lucky splurge just before all this money commotion. I got my dream skirt of sugary carnival in pink though i would have preferred black or lilac

This is the back stock pic, im waiting for mines to arrive. Im so excited :D. cant wait to wear it plus my friend from Japan is coming soon and she is bringing me more souvenirs, no kigurumis this time cuz i have enough already lol.

Moi promised to take me to Disney World since hes gonna have to go to Mexico without me and he better keep his word >.>

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At Home

I dont usually post but i figured i will today ^^

Usually when i get home i pet this little fat guy here

That is Kiko my cat who ive had since he was 3mths and now hes 2yrs+. Hes a spoiled brat and he knows it lol. He's a mama's boy and he likes to wake me up at 5:50am sharp for his breakfast. Check this video out,  im sure u'll get a quick out of it.

You can also youtube all the Simon's Cat videos.

Yesterday and Today me and the boyfriend made chicken pot pie for the first time. Yay! =D
This is what it looked like

Mmmmm, i was already digging into it at work :D

Got compliments that im lucky i got a bf who cooks ^^