sadestr0se3263 (sadestr0se3263) wrote,

At Home

I dont usually post but i figured i will today ^^

Usually when i get home i pet this little fat guy here

That is Kiko my cat who ive had since he was 3mths and now hes 2yrs+. Hes a spoiled brat and he knows it lol. He's a mama's boy and he likes to wake me up at 5:50am sharp for his breakfast. Check this video out,  im sure u'll get a quick out of it.

You can also youtube all the Simon's Cat videos.

Yesterday and Today me and the boyfriend made chicken pot pie for the first time. Yay! =D
This is what it looked like

Mmmmm, i was already digging into it at work :D

Got compliments that im lucky i got a bf who cooks ^^
Tags: cooking, me!, pet
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