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Writer's Block: Unfriended, Unspecified!

Has anyone ever unfriended you without explanation? Did you ask why? Have you ever deleted someone from your friend list without saying why?

1. This girl in like junior high was weird in her own way but we befriended. She naturally had many many problems at home, diff b'fs, orphanages, etc etc. Wells it was getting bad to the point that one bf was beating her up and she would come to my house and sleep over when she was rather lonesome. She was great company but one day she ended up ditching me for her bf who is a total jerk. I dont mind her ditchingme, but dont ditch me for someone who beats you up so bad you end up in the ER. I would always tel her what i though and how she should act, what she should do but apparently i was a bad friend, not giving him a chance, etc etc. He would make her cry in front of me what and how should i think of him??!! Well its been about 5-6yrs since we actually had spoken to each other and know last yr she added me on facebook. I accepted her request just to accept though i dont talk to her. She says she misses me, wants to hang out, etc etc. But i dont have time for stupidities and unappreciated dates, i do hope she is doing well though.

2. High school in science class i sat next to this guy. He would mainly cheat offa mecuz i was the smarter one, but it would be back and forth if i needed help too. He was cool and a good friend that i would back him up and stand up for him. I got into an argument with a teach about his test scores so forth but when we had a final one day ,itold him he is on hiw own for this one because i wanted to see him atleast try. I handed in my quiz and he just glared at me. Quiz was done, never spoke to me, never sat next to me, never bothered to say hi any more, That was it *sighn* too bad for him, im not gonna waste my breath ona friend like that.

3. Senior year my BFF's were this girl and guy. 90% of our classes were together. But one day the guy just completely stopped talking to us, ignored us, talked behind our backs and we were at lose. We confronted him and he owuld just look the other cheek. Graduation came and he came to me if he can sign my yearbook. "Why? Youre no long my friend the way ive acted!" apparently it was a "misunderstanding" that my girl friend confessd to him that she liked him and it was "too much: for him so he ignored us. Ok. Why ignore me? I didnt do nothing wrong?! Well we settled it and we're ok andhe also apologized to my girl friend and all. Though i did let him know he was a jerk.

In school im not very social. Do my work, get stuff done, I dont get involved unless I have to; group projects, etc. I hate having to share, you know when you have class and you bring you textbook but the person next to you didnt?! OMG it pisses me off if they inch over next to me and kinda pull my textbook to themselves!!! I hate sharing!!! Ill only make a friend if i find them worthy if not then they are just classmates to me. I've know many ppl and OMG some of them can be annoying, like one guy who would call me at 12am just cuz, im not single, i have a life, i work and got school and ive told him not to call me so late, if its important fine but if its just yiberish email me or something. Its annoying if ppl call me without reason. Its annoying having a "friend" who only asks, asks, aks for favors, stuff, and freebies. No you are not my friend friend rea
lly. Ive deleted ppl of my list of friend and i dont need to tell them why. I do it b/c i either dont talk to you no more, dont remember you or well just no reason.

Ive only got 2 best friends, Alex & Tia and also the BF.  Other people are there to but they dont know 100% me, not even 20% me. My perks, my problems, my issues/dilemas, etc.

You'll eventually earn my friendship if i let myself open up to you. Im pretty random and talk A LOT when you get to know me :] "Friends" will come and go.

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