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Moi <3

Me and Moi(Nickname) have been practically together for 7yrs <3
And Apparently after this long, just yesterday he heard me snort when i laugh >.> to my knowledge this has been only the 2nd time i snort in my life. Apparently i snort if i have an uncontrollable laughter and I cant catch my breath! It just happens, I snort and I stop laughing. LOL. He gave me the weirdest face ever like wtf just happened! LOL. It was weird and unpredictable.

With V-Day coming up I dont know what to get him. 7yrs is not long but jesuz christ what else to get him. Ive given him handmade cards, a wii, an xbox, a gamecube, psp, any tech/game/electronics ive given him; turtlebeach headphones, wireless controls, G1 phone which I know have, Ipod, flight tix to Japan with me, flowers, candy, hanky panky, clothes, sneakers, dinners, movies, etc etc.

I need new options >.> what the hell does he need that he doesnt have >.< Screw valentines its not a big deal but then out anniversary is coming up followed by his bday and then mines. I might have to make him something if not this calls for a trip maybe even a new tattoo or more game accessories.

Dont mention games, hes a hacker and computer geek, he can download all the games he wants. He's hacked my psp, my wii, my nintendo dsi and his xbox (got banned though LMAO) so he bought a new one just to play COD Live and he plays downloaded games on the other Xbox. Movies now are nto even an option, he can download a full good as hell version online with a full movie menu. I needs idea, maybe something crafty, might have through look through some communities here, I found one last time about home made crafts, very interesting actually, i just have to find it again! This weather isnt helping too, if it were nice outside we could go out to other places but we dont want to get sick at the same time,

Must think!
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