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Recent Events

So recently there were to events I went to. The first one being the Tokyo Fashion Festa which was free (YAY!) pics and the WHOLE show available here

The other event was the next day, Meet & Greet Misako Aoki. She was sooooooo adorable. Pics and video available here
I forgot to load what her autograph looked like

This post is not yet finished, have to run to the Dr.Appt in 20mins >o< will return to edit.

I have returned! Just got my 2nd shot for the rabbies...any curious to how it this

I asked my doctor if I can snap a pic before he gave it to me, It is such a very nice bright magenta color, oh so pretty! I even had to ask him if he can give me a smaller gauge needle >o<, my arm feels heavy now. One last shot in 2 weeks and im rabbies immune, so come and get me you rabid raccoons, cats, dogs, etc bwahahaha!

No! I was not bitten, this is the pre-exposure shots im getting for the vet program. Post exposure is more shots and apparently could be more painful. Im ok but these shots better be worth the price >_<

I also got my scrubs in the mail yay! Hooray for Tokidoki scrubs and while i was it why not get a NEW tokidoki bag ^o^

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