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Happy Garden

Just to be blunt:: 


I is in love with new Angelic Pretty Print "Happy Garden" it is mainly Easter themed, but it has chicks and bunnies and its oh so cute <3. Reservations haven't come out yet but im very excited and I love the OP version, it has such a cute bodice and having seen it at TFF it looks soooo sparkly. My bday has fallen on Easter 2x and naturally I'd want it cuz I love Easter. Im looking into the Lavnder or sachs colorway and i hope i get it before my birthday. Moi said he'd help me get it as a birthday present which i hope I get it on time. Trying to look for a shopping service to do me reservations in Japan if they dont get sold on the English site which I hope they do. This is the amazing print

Tis not beautiful? I was also able to get my hands on the new AMO x AP bag in lavender >w<

Would it not go splendid with the Happy Garden OP in lavender ^o^
I really do hope i get it, would be nice, then all ill need will be some cute lavender shoes to match. So anxious for its release. Out of all the brands im really taken by AP. This bag was kind of bought out of a whim knowing that it would be a popular item and would have been sold out too fast. Moi found out i bought it when he took a look at the pics in my cam by accident ....oop's! lol He would've eventually found out but it was trying to keep it a secret for a while lol. Oh well ^_^"

Also the 2nd Snow storm just passed NYC but apparently according to news, there might be a third @_@ I love snow but its too mcuh when we are supposed to be close to spring time >o<. Pic preview of snow in central park.

Tis me and moi <3

I also got my nails done at Sakura Nail Spa (downtown location) and did the traditional Japanese Nail art. Consisted of: Calgel+Rhinestones+Zebra Print+ Glitter Gradation+ 4nail Extension+Reverse French= $130...ouch! But they do last me a bit over a month and they are soo darn cute plus the Calgel does promote Nail strength+growth

Sooo pretty, cant wait to do the next ones for my Bday :]

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