sadestr0se3263 (sadestr0se3263) wrote,

A joyous day :D

New set of nails done for my bday hoorah!!

Each nail was done in different color with a matching rhinestone, except for my thumb you cant see it cuz its on the other end so the cam no catch it correctly. The nails are also glittery but you can see that when you are up close only, still i love them and i hope they make it to Sakura Matsuri

I also got my Happy Garden in the mail recently and was sooo excited that i opened it up at work ^o^ I also got the headband but its nto picture. Im waitig on my lavender tea party shoes to arrive along with my lavender wrist cuffs :D

The very last pic above is my bday present from Moi <3 he got me this Putumayu dress. So pretty. Im so excited with my bday coming up and that my boyrfriend just passed so we went to Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms, I wore my new Lady Rose Jsk from IW. I also wore my BTSSB cutsew dress which worked well with the nice hot weather.

Next trip shall hopefully be to niagra falls for now im looking forward to Spring/Summer. I hope the weather will be pleasant :D

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